4 Things every expat living abroad needs to know about

British TV

Every year many U.K citizens move out of their country for various reasons, some move because of their work assignments a few others move for a better medical care or students want to go abroad for higher education. If you are among those who are planning to become an expatriate, there are many choices and decisions to make as you will be leaving behind a lot of things and even small things like how to watch British TV abroad begins to matter, though technology gives you options like the one mentioned in this link www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2015/sep/11/gogglebox-everyones-favourite-show. Moving out of your country to another country is always stressful, below are a few things an expat should know.

Language: English language though spoken by many countries all over the world has many flavors. You may be moving to an English-speaking country, but do not take communication for granted. Different countries have different cultures and what is a reasonable conversation in U.K may be prohibited in the country you are visiting. So, as much as possible try to learn about the country you are visiting and practice speaking like them so that you can quickly gel and transition into the new place.

Making money: Most expats figure it out the hard way that making money and cost of living is not as cheap as they had expected. Ensure you have enough reserve money before you leave your country as you may not have anyone around you in the new country to bail you out of financial trouble. When you are looking for jobs, don’t be too choosy. It is best to make sure you land a job and then move out of your country. Research on the paycheck you can expect for your skill and expertise. Do not invest in things that are expensive like a car or a house. Keep things simple and low risk.

Watching British TV abroad: U.K channels like BBC, Sky, etc. has a lot of shows and programs, and a few of them may be your favorites. There are also services which can help you catch up the series of you have missed watching them. As an expat, you should know that UK Tv service abroad is blocked and hence you will be unable to see your favorite shows without doing some workarounds like Live TV, using a VPN, use a smartphone, etc.

Buying a home: The first thing you would want to do after landing in a new country is to buy a car and a house if you have enough money. It’s best not to do so; you should give at least a year for yourself to learn about the culture, climate, people, etc. before making such costly investments. Understand the rules of the state when it comes to ownership and other documentation. Also, you should invest time in making some contacts so that you get local help regarding real estate else you may end up shelling more.

You may also want to check the tax and shipping charges for shipping your furniture, car and other things from your home country rather than buying everything new.