5 Most Ridiculously Funny Drinking Games You Would Want To Try


Don’t worry, there are a lot of fun drinking games out there to explore, their rules in place that will definitely act as a stimulant for having a fantastic night. Your tryst with drinking games starts at University night outs. There are vast list of games which would engage you by testing your endurance, speed, tactics and logic. Out of those the most intriguing, silly, funniest and above all simple must try are
Straight face
Revolving ping pong
Cup swap
Bite the bag
Drunken artist

Straight face
Players write sentences on chits of paper. Kind of sentences that are ridiculous and illogical; ones that anyone would fumble to read (or hear) while keeping a straight face. Each player will choose a slip of paper, one at a time and try to read whatever is written on it without giggling or show a smile. They have to drink, if they fail.

Pass the Ping Pong
All the participants go around a table-tennis table taking turns serving the ball. One person serves it, and then quickly passes their paddle off to the person beside them (so they’re ready to go when the ball comes back over). Meanwhile, the same pass-off is occurring on the other side of the table. If you are sober, this chain of serving would keep going, but in reality. A lot of people are going to mess up. Every time someone does, they have to take a drink.

Cup swap
Two cups for each player are needed, one that’s full of some sort of alcoholic beverage and one that’s empty and a spoon. Each participant has one minute to transfer as much of the drink as possible from one cup to the other using a spoon. After the minute is up, you have to drink whatever is remaining in the original cup.

Bite the bag
Participants have to stand in a circle around a bag which is placed on the ground. With their mouth, one by one, each player has to lean over and pick up the bag. You must not use your hands in any way, for balancing purposes. If you can’t pick up the bag, you have to take a shot. After everyone makes an attempt, you proceed to second round. Someone snips an inch off the top of the bag and each player tries again. Third round, another inch is trimmed off. Fourth round you get to understand. This keeps going and going until all that’s left of the bag is the bottom piece.

Drunken artist
Being bad at drawing will get you drunk in this version of Pictionary. Players take version in keeping the time and being the artist. Each round begins with the timekeeper whispering a word to the artist and starts the clock. As the artist draws the word on a large pad of paper, the rest of the players will guess what the picture looks like and shout out. If a player guesses correctly, timekeeper looks at how many seconds have passed. Every artist has to take a drink for every 30 seconds that went by before someone figured out what they were drawing. If the artwork is so incomprehensible that the group just gives up trying to figure out, the artist has to take a drink.

Dating Tip for Women – How to Get That Second Date

Couple-holding-hands-in-cafeYou may have any plans to go out on a date tonight, or it may be your first date with some guy, or you feel nervous, but still want to make sure that the date is a successful one or you want your first date to go perfectly. Whatever your wish is… you are all set to go. The only thing you need to consider is just going through these dating tips before you proceed with your dating process. This may sounds like a pressure for you but still you need to follow these steps in order to be safe while enjoying your first date as well. The first date is considered as the most crucial date. This is when you try impressing a guy and you must make him think that you are good and worth dating as well. There are also online websites like www.singlesbee.com who are specialized in offering dating tips for women.

The biggest question comes to everyone’s mind is that; how are you going to impress your dating partner during your very first date? If so how are you going to impress? Maybe it is a dinner invitation or a blind date for an outing offered by your crush, but you have to make use of it perfectly. The first date is compared to appearing for an exam. In spite of being nervous you need to keep yourself cool and without worry. Try your best with the help of these tips to make your date more successful.

Wear something sexy but not provocative

The very first thing the man notice is the woman’s attire. It is the important factor through which you can impress your dating partner. There is no need for you to wear something very hot. Instead it would be better if you wear something that looks simple, elegant and sexy too. The best option is to wear your little black dress in which you will obviously look both sophisticated and stunning. Try to go in a casual dress if your dating spot is a movie. Wearing a fancy dress to a movie may upset him.

Speak Up and Talk With Him Casually

A guy will definitely try to impress you with his jokes. Through this way he would be trying to reveal his personality. Try to laugh whenever he cracks up a joke. Make it possible to inform him that you dig his jokes and his sense of humor. Give him a suggestion, if he asks you about where would you like to eat. Guys always hate guessing where to eat. If he’s not at all prepared then you should be able to present other options.

Fix Your Dating Blunder
If you have done something that upsets or turn him off, try to ask for an apology immediately. Try to admit your mistake and tell him that it happened unknowingly as you were nervous.

Get Touchy With Him

The reason for men not calling back is because they think that you’re not into them. They think you are not compatible for them. It would be better if you stay in touch with him.

Avoid the Awkward Good Bye

Try breaking the monotony and say few things like thanking him for the great date you both had together. You can even give him hints to kiss you and this way you can impress as well.



Virtual Private Network is basically an extension of a private network across the internet that allows users to receive and/or send data across public/shared networks as though their computers are connected directly to a particular private network, thus effectively benefitting from the management policies, functionality and security of that private network. It’s created by setting up a point-to point virtual connection by using dedicated connections, traffic encryption or virtual channeling protocols.

A proxy (proxy server) is an application or a computer system that works as a go-between for requests that originate from clients seeking services from secondary servers. The services sought may be files, web pages or connections. The principal function of a proxy is encapsulation and addition of structures to distributed systems.

VPN vs. Proxy: which is better?

With regard to online security, VPN provides high levels of encryption (sometimes up to 256 bits). It works like a safe vault by completely securing all communication. On the other hand, proxy provides low levels of security. Complete encryption is only possible in SSL connections, leaving non-SSL connections susceptible to cyber threats.

Concerning online privacy, VPN ensures complete encryption of data such that nothing/nobody can invade the user’s privacy. However, it’s easier to intercept private data if one is using a proxy server.

With regard to online freedom, VPN allows a user access to virtually any website while surfing from any location in the world, while a proxy server is subject to geo-restrictions. This means a user may have difficulty in accessing censored websites or bypassing strong firewalls.

Concerning internet speeds, VPN doesn’t interfere with internet speeds. A user also has the option of boosting speeds by using SmartDNS and other applications. On the other hand, a proxy server slightly affects internet speeds, especially if the server is overloaded.

Another important factor is about compatibility. VPN is compatible with a wide range of devices, browsers and operating systems (e.g. Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and iOS). However, Proxy is only compatible with a limited number of devices, browsers and operating systems.

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Rock Jazz Fusion Guitar Solos – Allan Holdsworth Is Dazzling!


Allan Holdsworth was born on August 6, 1946 in Yorkshire, England. His father was a pianist and it was he who presented his son to music. Allan’s really first instruments were the saxophone as well as the clarinet. He did not begin playing with the guitar until the age of 17 and his earlier encounter with woodwind instruments immediately affected his stylistic strategy on the instrument. He was also quite interested in electronic devices via a young age on.

An inventive guitar player who places a number of other guitarists in the rock and fusion universes in awe of his fretboard abilities, broad array of sounds, and incredibly advanced harmonic theories, Allan Holdsworth undoubtedly gives one the impression that given his option he’d have been a John Coltrane divine jazz saxophonist rather than a guitarist! He relocated to London in the late 1960s and performed with different groups in the Leeds region.

By the early 1970s Allan Holdsworth had turned into one of the innovators of rock jazz fusion guitar playing. He got international acknowledgement as a part of trumpeter Ian Carr’s group in 1972. Then he received added recognition when he signed up with John Hiseman’s group “Colosseum”. This group was left by him in November 1973. Following this Allan appeared with a number of the very popular rock jazz fusion groups of the day consisting of “The Soft Machine” as well as the “Tony Williams Lifetime” group. He also worked with distinct groups headed by drummer Bill Bruford.

Allan subsequently carried on to perform together with the rock group “Gong” in addition to playing on various records with Jean-Luc Ponty, Gordon Beck, Jack Bruce, as well as the group “U.K.” While Holdworth’s guitar playing significantly impresses others in the rock world, he’s an unrelenting improviser at heart. In 1978 he formed his own group “IOU” with bassist Paul Carmichael and drummer Gary Husband. Then he moved to Los Angeles and continued new lineups with “IOU” through the mid 1980s.

Allan Holdsworth’s solo professional career since then has highlighted all-instrumental music in addition to regular partnerships with jazz artists including Randy Brecker, Michael Brecker, Billy Cobbam, and Stanley Clarke, sometimes in all star groups. He’s off and on recorded jazz standards on infrequent occasions including the “None Too Soon” CD with jazz pianist Gordon Beck.

In 1985 Allan Holdsworth, as leader of his own group, have tremendous success in live performance tours of Japan and California. Since that time he’s become recognized as one of the very creative and powerful of the rock jazz fusion guitar players of the day. His experiments with electronic audio devices and synthesizers have expanded the edges of modern jazz. Allan, to this day, continues to generate a regular result of records that are notable – never playing it safe!